An electronic health record is a private, lifetime record of an individual’s medical information, providing healthcare professionals with immediate access to a patients’ test results, past treatments and medication profiles – medical information they need to provide effective, safe treatment.

Benefits to Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Electronic Health Record is an important development that is intended to:

  • improve the quality of care that patient’s receive from the whole health system;
  • reduce the time and energy spent in obtaining and maintaining health information in different facilities and care centers;
  • improve the efficiency of work done in the health system, resulting in more capacity to provide care.

Who Has Access?

A shared electronic health record means that any healthcare professional or practitioner that is managing the care of a patient may access a patients’ medical information to either update it with current information or a review medical information when caring for a patient.

What Information is in my Electronic Health Record?

An electronic health record provides a complete view of an individual’s medical information including:

dispensed drugs
chronic disease management
laboratory test results
diagnostic reports and images

Privacy and Security

eHealth Saskatchewan sets the highest standards in privacy protection and security of medical information. Safeguards in place ensure the protection of an individuals medical information while giving health care service providers the access they need to care for a patient in an efficient and timely manner

Have Your Say

With your input, together with the input of healthcare workers and Health Regions, the eHealth team will be able to continue to develop the electronic health record plan in the best way for Saskatchewan. Your input will guide eHealth Saskatchewan to their goal of ensuring that they are getting the right medical information of a patient, to the right healthcare provider, at the right time and in the right place.

Our online survey will be available on August 1st 2012 – please register if you would like us to remind you when it is available.