Weight loss surgery

Weight loss is something that many people struggle to achieve on their own. Growing obesity numbers provide a clear picture as to how difficult it really can be. Most people are not physically incapable of losing weight, but the hunger pains and addiction they have to food can overpower their resolve and ruin their diet attempts. When someone becomes obese, their health suffers and weight loss surgery is often the only solution that is able to provide them with the tools to address the girth that is making them ill.


Weight Loss Surgery

1 in 4 adults in Regina are obese. Fortunately, several surgical techniques have been designed to make it possible for people to get assistance reaching their weight loss goals. Each method has its own special design, but all are used to prevent overeating. The surgery still requires the patient to make good choices. Since their meals will be much smaller it is necessary that they eat only nutritional foods and take the suggested supplements.


Lap Band Surgery

Through a minimally invasive surgical technique, a band is placed around the stomach reducing the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. The surgery requires only an overnight stay in the hospital and rest for approximately a week. The patient is closely monitored after the band is in place to ensure there are no complications and that they are getting the nutrients they need. The band can be removed after they reach their weight goal if the patient wants, but most experts recommend against it for fear of the patient regaining weight.


The Gastric Sleeve

This is the most dramatic and invasive option and it is irreversible. It is a solution for people who are severely obese and suffering from health issues. It requires a large incision to be made in the abdomen and a large portion of the stomach removed. The remainder will be approximately the size and shape of a banana. Patients are required to remain bedridden or with only minimal activity for up to six weeks. Only small amounts of food and liquids can be consumed, so people must always be cautious about the possibility of malnutrition and dehydration. It is possible that people can stretch their stomach out by overeating after surgery. One meal is unlikely to cause concern, but repeated overeating could lead to weight gain again.


The Gastric Balloon

A saline-filled is balloon is inserted into the stomach during this minimally invasive surgery. The balloon takes up space in the stomach and makes it uncomfortable to overeat. There are different types of balloons available and the doctor will usually offer the one they feel is the most effective. Like the lap band surgery, it requires only a short period of recovery and is reversible. In fact, the balloon is only kept in place for about six months. Patients who still have weight to lose at the time of the removal can elect to have it replaced with another balloon.

If you’ve tried exercise and diet and just can’t seem to keep the weight off, don’t worry you’re not alone. Bariatric weight loss surgery can be a solution to change your lifestyle to a healthy one and with a doctor referal, the surgery can be free! All weight loss surgery comes with risks and the health of the patient will determine whether or not the procedure is possible. These methods are only tools and not complete solutions because the patient must follow the orders of the doctor to succeed. Not following them could cause injury, illness and weight gain.