Office cleaning in is one of the services that every commercial building should consider having. Most of the workers spend most of their days in the office; therefore, neglecting it would lead to breeding of germs and bacteria. A clean and healthy environment increases the general productivity of the workers since they are free from allergies brought by dusty places. Additionally, first impressions are the key thing in every business. When a customer enters the room, he/she gets the impression about an office from its appearance. Clutter and disorganized files is an indication of a poorly maintained room.

Qualities of a Good Cleaning Service Provider

Very many companies offer office cleaning services in Canada. However, the services and overall quality may differ from one company to another. Some of the qualities of an office cleaner include:

  1. They should be flexible and able to customize their services to meet every client’s need.
  2. A good cleaner uses environmentally friendly, natural, and non-toxic cleaning products
  3. The cleaning company should conduct a thorough background check of their workers to ensure they have trusted cleaners to offer the required services.
  4. They should be flexible at the time that the client needs cleaning done. It may be either the daytime or the after hour cleaning.
  5. They should allow monitoring by the customer to allow for the integrated report on their performance and the compliance reporting.
  6. Cleaners should provide a broad range of services to the clients that they can choose what suits them.

Different Cleaning Requirements

Most office owners hire the cleaners to perform various types of cleaning which may include daily office cleaning, weekly, monthly, or bi-annual cleaning.

Daily cleaning procedures- most companies employ the regular cleaning process. It involves removal and disposal of trash, vacuuming to remove any dust, and wiping the horizontal surfaces, internal glass, walls, furniture, and surfaces. Mop the hard floors and vacuum the carpets to get rid of the dust. The cleaner should remove any cobweb from the walls and the fingerprints from the light switches and door frames. Cleaners should also pay extra attention to the kitchen and washrooms.

Weekly cleaning- this is an extension of the daily cleaning. However, the janitor cleans all the glass on the inside and the outside as well as spray buff all the hard floors. Monthly cleaning involves vacuuming all the vents and the chairs. They should also clean and disinfect all the units mounted on the walls. Additionally, the cleaner should pay close attention to the vertical surfaces and wipe them with an all-purpose cleaner.

During the festive season, a business owner may consider hiring office cleaners to give the office a good cleaning especially when workers are away. Starting the year with a clean and fresh office inspires and motivates the employees to perform better. Visit and learn more from their online resources.